Suffering in Silence? You Are Not Alone

Another Nikki shares about her experience with anxiety and depression. Check out this TED Talk in
which Emmy winner, filmmaker, and activist, Nikki Webber Allen encourages those struggling with
depression and anxiety not to suffer alone. When it comes to depression, “you can’t just shake it off.”
Nikki shares that her support network, which includes her therapist, is there to help her through tough
times. She also points out that a stigma still exists around sharing that you struggle with depression, but
she wants us to squash it and potentially save a life in the process. Nikki confidently asserts, “Having
feelings isn’t a sign of weakness.” And I couldn’t agree more. In light of recent losses, this 2017 talk
remains particularly relevant. You are not alone, and you don’t have to suffer in silence. Help is a phone
call away. Contact Dr. Nikki Frousakis to schedule an appointment.

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